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Informe de Presentación de La Cronofera Agencia del Tiempo
Sello de Secreto

LA CRONOSFERA AGENCIA DEL TIEMPO (THE CHRONOSPHERE AGENCY OF TIME), is an agency in charge of detecting and correcting anomalies in the fabric of space / time.

Our expert agents, trained during their educational plan in arts of investigation and puzzle solving at the academy, have the important and risky mission of traveling to the affected timeline to try to restore normality and thus prevent disastrous events from occurring and all their unpredictable consequences.

Having innumerable agents stationed in infinite different locations and timelines, THE CHRONOSPHERE is proud of working at trying to avoid great disasters for humanity day and night.

Escape Room Awards 2020
Tercer Ganador Mejores Pruebas Escape Room Awards 2020
Emblema de los Crononautas
Nota de los Crononautas
Marca de Agua de La Cronosfera Agencia del Tiempo

CHRONONAUTS, as agents of THE CHRONOSPHERE are also known, know how to perfectly camouflage themselves within groups of friends, families or co-workers and are always ready to live exciting and surprising adventures.

Insignia de Totalmente Adaptado para Personas con Diversidad Funcional
Totalmente Adaptado para Personas con Diversidad Funcional
Emblema de las Misiones
Nota de las Misiones
Marca de Agua de La Cronosfera Agencia del Tiempo

In the MISSIONS of THE CHRONOSPHERE, agents will travel from the offices in Madrid to the limits of world and time solving enigmas, in adventures plenty of mystery, investigation, collaboration, suspense, teamwork and, above all, lots of fun.

Emblema del Tiempo
Nota del Tiempo
Marca de Agua de La Cronosfera Agencia del Tiempo

TIME is a key factor for THE CHRONOSPHERE, as agents must manage to solve anomalies they find and restore normality in the timeline they are assigned to before it is too late.

Alerta - Anomalía Temporal Detectada

A collaborating agent of THE CHRONOSPHERE, Professor Maimonides, has not performed all the expected tasks in the LC-8/21 timeline.​


For this reason, the imminent intervention of a group of CHRONONAUTS is required in the headquarters of THE AGENCY. From there, they will be transferred immediately to 20th October 1920 to the Professor's residence to try to find out what is happening.

Instalaciones de La Cronosfera Agencia del Tiempo
Marco de Ubicación en Calle Tablada, 4, Local, 28039
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