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Informe de la Misión La Cronofera Agencia del Tiempo - La Desaparición del Profesor
Etiqueta de Línea Temporal LC-8/21
Sello de Confidencial

LA CRONOSFERA AGENCIA DEL TIEMPO (THE CHRONOSPHERE AGENCY OF TIME) has discovered an anomaly in the LC-8/21 space / time line that must be solved in order to restore normality again.


THE AGENCY has detected that one of its most veteran and trusted agents and informants, Professor Maimonides, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It is possible his researches in ancient history and eccentric prophecies have something to do with the incident.


If they decide to accept the mission, it is necessary the bravest agents be present immediately at the facilities of THE CHRONOSPHERE to attempt to resolve LA DESAPARICIÓN DEL PROFESOR (THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE PROFESSOR) and discover what enigmatic secrets he hid.

Estatua Antigua
Moneda Antigua
Brújula Antigua
Joya de Diamante
Libro Antiguo
Documentos Antiguos Clasificados
Libro Antiguo
Medusa de Caravaggio
Mapa de El Cairo
Lupa Antigua
Retrato del Profesor Maimónides
Hoja de Configuración de la Misión
Post-It de Dificultad
Post-It de Pistas
Post-It de Diversidad Funcional


FIELD AGENTS will enjoy cooperating in resolving a mission whose difficulty has been adjusted for most investigators. And only the most experienced, fearless and unafraid of losing their sanity ones will be able to take the risk and confront the extreme difficulty in a reckless DESCENT INTO MADNESS.

THE CHRONOSPHERE will assist its agents with a HIGH LEVEL OF CLUES as long as THE AGENCY senses they need them to solve any enigma, thus preventing the space / time line from being lost. With a MEDIUM LEVEL OF CLUES, it will send indications when it detects the investigation must be channeled promptly to be resolved on time. And with a LOW LEVEL OF CLUES, only when agents request them expressly, something exclusively recommended to the most daring and fearless of failing ones.

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE PROFESSOR is an adapted, accessible and inclusive mission also for investigators with FUNCTIONAL DIVERSITY.

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